Canon Powershot G9X Mark II


The G9 X Mark II is just about the crown jewel of the PowerShot line, a proper successor to the regular old G9 X. The 1.0-Inch, high-sensitivity CMOS sensor shoots and records at 20.1 megapixels and the camera polishes those photos with Canon’s celebrated Digic 7 image processing. The f/2.0 lens sits very unassumingly right on the camera, which is already a slim package at a pocket weight of 7.3 ounces. There’s added wireless connectivity via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and there’s even built-in NFC compatibility that will readily connect and transfer media to other NFC devices. There’s a 3-inch touchscreen on the back for control and photo review, and the lens brings a full 3x optical zoom. It shoots in a variety of video modes from mp4 to raw, full HD video, and the shutter speed clocks in at 8.2 fps for faster-moving subjects. Finally, there are a variety of on-board controls from styling filters to file converters that will make sure whenever you do get those gorgeous photos off the device, they’ll be ready for whatever you need to do.

Amazon $399:


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